Monday, April 6, 2009

Git on windows - Basics

GIT has now become the preferred source code management tool for Rails community. GIT is at its best when used in Linux / Mac platforms, here we will see how this can be used in Windows. GIT still has few issues in windows but the basic functionalities should work fine.

GIT for windows can be downloaded from Google

There some good links detailing the installation steps

> Using SSH

> Using PuTTY

Follow the above links to finish installation.

Once done with this we are ready to start using GIT as SCM tool.

Getting started - To start GIT bash Right click on your project directory and select 'Git Bash Here' ( if you are a fan of typing commands or else use GUI option)

This will open a CMD window, start by typing 'git help'

Create Git repository - to create a git repo. for your project type - git init

I don't want to reinvent the wheel, so just providing a list of useful links which has very good articles on GIT usage.

Useful links

> Github
> User guide
> GIT commands
> Access issue

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