Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rare issue while deleting full text catalog in SQL server 2005

select * from sysfulltextcatalogs

This Lists all the full text catalogs present for the selected table. This table contains the catalog name and the path where these are physically stored.

In case of broken index or to delete a catalog after restoring database form an external source, update the path to a physical drive present in server. ( These steps to be followed only when the there is mismatch of catalog path in the new server or the SUBST command has failed )

update dbo.sysfulltextcatalogs set path='D:\Full Text Catalog' where ftcatid=X

by default update on sysfulltextcatalogs table is disabled, run the following script to enable this.

exec sp_configure 'allow updates',1
reconfigure with override

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